Introduction to Drawing

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Introduction to Drawing / Drawing II is a six-week course that covers the core principles of drawing for those who are interested in learning, or expanding their knowledge of, the fundamental art form. The major concepts we cover will be Shape, Shading, and Color. Each topic will receive coverage across two class meetings and multiple techniques of execution. The class will offer an atmosphere for creative expression, learning, and enjoyment.


*Returning students please indicate “Drawing II” during sign up process


2024 Dates:

Wednesday, 6pm – 8pm

  • January 3 – February 7
  • April 10 – May 15
  • July 17 – August 21
  • October 23 – November 27

Student Supply List: Graphite Pencil set with Eraser, Vine Charcoal, Kneaded Eraser, Conte Sticks assortment pack, Oil Pastels set, 11×14 Sketchbook

Classroom Location:

When you arrive for class please use the De Soto Street entrance to enter the FCAC parking lot. You may park anywhere in the lot that is available, but please do not block cars from exiting. Additionally, there are several parking spaces along Guillemard St.

This class takes place in the Classroom #3 of the Artful Impact Building (building 6 on the campus map below). When you enter the parking lot from De Soto Street, you should see a building with a geometric mural on your immediate right (this is the Youth Art Building). Walk along the inside of the fence on right side of that building to get to the Artful Impact Classrooms (blue building on the corner of De Soto & Tarragona)


Intro to Drawing


  • Introduction to materials and course objectives.
  • Technique One: Contour
    • Assessing the overall outline of an image, relaying as much information about the form as possible while utilizing line and without relying on small details.  
    • Graphite Line Drawings embracing fluidity, loose detail, and the power of linear works


  • Technique Two: Silhouette
    • Realizing the negative (exterior) space is just as important to conveying the subject 
    • Silhouette drawings focusing solely on exterior form and negative space 


  • What are Values in art?
  • Technique One: Hatching/Cross-Hatching
    • Drawing forms where parallel and intersecting lines depict the depth of shadow


  • Technique Two: Smooth Blending
    • Crafting shadows by filling in shaded areas and softening the edges to create smooth transitions of light and shadow
    • Charcoal drawings


  • Utilizing the foundation of Shape and Shadow to implement hues into their work
    • Technique One: Conte
    • Conte drawings to utilize condensed variety of hue to depict warmth and color.


  • Technique Two: Oil Pastels
    • Putting limitless color into practice with the expressive nature of oil pastel 



Garrett Allen


Artful IMPACT Classroom

Cancellation Policy

Students will receive a refund of tuition minus 10% if the student contacts us no later than 7 days prior to the first day of class. Cancellations up to 48 hours before the start of the class will receive a 50% refund. Any cancellations within 48 hours before the start of the class, or after the class has begun will not be refunded. In the case of an emergency, the student may be able to transfer their payment towards another class based on availability.

If you need to move your enrollment to another session you must contact us at least 7 days prior to the start of the class. You cannot move enrollment forward after a class has already begun.

Class sizes are limited and enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Unfortunately, FCAC is unable to prorate students for missed classes or classes that they are unable to attend. We strive to provide the highest quality art classes and we value your feedback. If you would like to share your experience or have questions or concerns, please email us at