Art Parties



Art Parties for Children: Painting, Drawing, Hand-building Pottery, Mixed Media, and More!

Let one of FCAC’s creative art educators design an unforgettable art party for your child! You can choose a specific medium such as painting or pottery, and the educator can even match the theme of the party to the project!

Age 6-13: 10 Maximum Participants / 3 Additional Adults may be in the classroom

Availability: Art Parties offered Saturdays, based on availability.

Cost: $250 

  • $50 must be paid to secure the date. This is not a refundable deposit, it applies to the total.
  • $200 remaining balance must be paid at least 5 days before the date of the party.
  • Please see the cancellation policy below
  • Art Party Application must be submitted before the date is secured.

Additional time available for $50 per 30 minutes


  • Parents may bring in decorations, and will have additional time before and after the party to set-up/clean-up. FCAC does not set-up/clean-up party decorations, supply tablecloths, paper goods, food, or decorations.
  • FCAC supplies all tables, chairs, and art materials.
  • The party will include a 1-1.5 hour hands-on project, with allowed time for attendees to arrive, have snacks (optional), play, and celebrate.
  • Parents may bring non-shareable snacks, such as individual drinks, chips, and cupcakes. Weather permitting the party may enjoy snacks in the green space outside of the classroom.

Art Party Request

  • *Age 6-13 Maximum 10

  • We offer art parties the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of the month 1-4 p.m.
  • Art Party Policies

    -The instructor is responsible for leading the art project, not hosting the party or planning additional activities.

    -FCAC Staff are not responsible for setting up, decorating, or cleaning up food/party supplies.

    -The teacher will clean up anything related to the art project.

    -You may bring in your own food; please dispose of your food trash, and do not leave any food in the classroom.

    -The space must be swept, tables must be wiped, and any spills cleaned up.

    -The space must be returned to its original set-up if any chairs, tables, etc. were moved by the group.