Open Studios at First City Art Center

First City Art Center provides open studio times for our ceramics, glass, and flame-working facilities to our students, and affordable rates for makers. Open studio space and equipment is offered for a monthly rental fee and is subject to the regulations listed for each open studio. For each open studio, additional access to equipment and/or materials is available for an extra fee.

  • Glass flameworking open studio

    Glass Flameworking Open Studio

    Open torch usage fees: (members and non-members): $10/hr.* Gas, torch and annealer included in rental. *Usage fees do not include glass or flameworking tools. Prerequisites: Current or former student of a FCAC workshop or equivalent experience at another institution. Open Torch is available upon request. To reserve a table or request more information about torch work or torch open…

  • Glassblowing in glory hole at First City Art Center Glass Hot Shop

    Glass Hot Shop Open Studio

    Glass Hot Shop Open Studio Information Prerequisites: All First-time renters at FCAC must complete a safety and equipment orientation with Glass Studio Manager prior to renting the shop. All renters and Guild members must adhere to the following safety policies: Eye protection, closed-toed shoes, and natural-fiber clothing (cotton, linen) must be worn. Synthetic clothing (spandex,…

  • Bowl created in Ceramics Open Studio at First City Art Center

    Ceramics Open Studio

    All non-students using open studio are required to pay first, attend a 30-minute orientation and sign a liability waiver. If you are a member of the Pottery Guild, Open Studio Rates are discounted based on volunteer hours worked at FCAC per month. All Pottery Guild members must remain active members of FCAC to receive discounts….