Gallery 1060’s first ever FCAC Member show – March 18th, 2021
Entry Drop off March 11-13


Gallery 1060 is announcing the first ever Member’s Show!

Please visit Gallery 1060’s website for
the entry form and contact information.

The First Annual Members Show will be held March 18-May 1, 2021.
The show is open to all FCAC members, staff, potential members and expired members.

A virtual reception will be held in Friday, March 26th.

Potential and expired members may join or renew at drop off*.

Or become a member now!

$10 Donation for entry.

Artwork specifications:
– Members may drop off one piece of art that they created within the last 5 years.
– 2-D works shall not exceed 60 united inches (height + width) or 36 inches in width, including mats and frames
– 3-D works shall not exceed 42 inches (height + width).
– Weight of freestanding pieces shall not exceed 50 lbs; hanging pieces shall not exceed 20 lbs.
– Wet paintings will not be accepted. No installations will be accepted.


Drop-off dates: 
(Masks must be worn on the First City campus by all who attend)
Thursday, March 11, 1-3pm
Friday, March 12 , 10-1 pm
Saturday, March 13, 11-1 pm

Pick-up dates:
Sunday, May 2 (time TBA)
Monday, May 3 (time TBA)

*Those who become a member, or renew a membership at the time of drop off, will have the $10 donation included in their payment that day.


March 18, 2021 - May 1, 2021