Glass Hot Shop Open Studio

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Glass Hot Shop Open Studio Information

Prerequisites: All First-time renters at FCAC must complete a safety and equipment orientation with Glass Studio Manager prior to renting the shop.

All renters and Guild members must adhere to the following safety policies:

  • Eye protection, closed-toed shoes, and natural-fiber clothing (cotton, linen) must be worn. Synthetic clothing (spandex, polyester, rayon, etc.) can melt to skin and may cause serious burns.
  • Long hair must be tied back.
  • No consumption of drugs or alcohol before or during your work time in the Glass Hot Shop. Anyone reported to be under the influence will not be allowed to use the shop.
  • To keep hazardous silica dust to a minimum, no glass powder directly on marvers.
  • No unauthorized personnel inside the gate – visitors are welcome to sit on the viewing benches to watch outside the gate.
  • Renters and Guild members, please remember to sign in and sign out.

Glass Hot Shop Open Studio renters must clean the entire work area completely upon completion of a blow slot, including sweeping the floor and putting away tools. Please follow the checklist posted in the shop. 

If Glass Hot Shop policies are not followed or the space is left messy after your blow slot, you will be issued a warning. After your 3rd warning, you will be temporarily suspended from using the shop. To obtain access to the shop again after your suspension, you will be required to attend a training session that covers proper cleaning and equipment handling procedures. FCAC Staff must sign off on your successful completion of the training session before you are able to begin renting the shop again.

All Glass Guild members must be active members of FCAC and pay an annual membership fee (for details on Membership click here). As a Glass Guild Member, you are expected to attend monthly meetings and/or productions (a minimum of six meetings per year) and are also required to contribute five hours of volunteer time per month, which includes the production of cups for “Hot Glass Cold Brew” events, and the production of guild pumpkins for our annual “Pumpkin Patch” fundraiser. Volunteer hours are logged weekly, and Guild members are given a 30-day grace period to “catch up” on volunteer hours before they are charged the regular rental rate. Glass Guild members are also required to volunteer at a minimum of 2 events per year, in addition to the annual Pumpkin Patch event.

Glass Guild members will receive:

  • Significant discounts on blow slot rentals ($30 off per 3 hr. blow slot – this adds up to tremendous savings throughout the year!)
  • 15 % off most classes and workshops
  • Discounts on event tickets – $5 off Pumpkin Patch Preview Party tickets and $10 off “Hot Glass Cold Brew” tickets
  • Ability to sell pumpkins at FCAC’s Pumpkin Patch, our largest annual fundraiser
  • Participation in Guild Productions on Friday nights from 6-9pm and/or Sunday mornings from 9am-noon
  • Being part of a thriving community of local glass artists, in addition to gaining experience and practicing the art of glassblowing, learning new skills, and having fun!

If you have questions about joining the Guild or if you need more information, please email our Glass Studio Manager, Joe Hobbs:

Glass Guild Member Rates:

Small Hole: $30/hour
Medium Hole: $35/hour
Large Hole: $45/hour

Regular Rental Rates:

Small Hole: $40/hour
Medium Hole: $45/hour
Large Hole: $55/hour

All Rates Include Use of the Following Equipment and Supplies:

  • One Gas glory hole
  • Gas furnace
  • One bench
  • Hand tools, including MAPP gas
  • Blocks
  • Knock-off table, gloves, glasses, and safety gear
  • Blow pipes
  • Half of an annealer per 3 hr rental
  • ONLY clear glass is provided, ten pounds per hour is included. If renter’s consumption is over 10 lbs. pr/hr, a rate of $2.00 pr/lb will be charged for overage, upon unloading from the annealer. 
  • All renters and Guild members must provide their own approved colored glass (frit).

Secondary Shop Tool Use:

Optional Fees can be added to basic Glass Hot Shop Open Studio rental at the time of booking, including:

  • Propane Torch: Additional $5/hour
  • Oxy-Propane Hot Torch: Additional $5/hour
  • Additional Work Space in the Hangar: Additional $10/hour
  • Large Glory Hole: Additional $15/hour

Extra Annealer Space:

  • Large Annealer: Additional $50, or $25 if one half is used in conjunction with a rental
  • Small Annealer: Additional $25

Call 850-429-1222 to reserve and pay for your glass blowing time, based on shop availability. If you are a Glass Guild Member, you are given access to a convenient online scheduling system, called Acuity, to reserve and pay for your blow slots as far ahead as you like, in order to guarantee your slot. Appointments less than 24 hours in advance must be scheduled in the Main Office.