Ceramic Studio Rentals


Ceramic Studio Rental rates and availability:

Rental times are currently on Mondays between 9:00am – 3:00pm 


STUDIO RENTALS ARE DESIGNED FOR EXPERIENCED MAKERS ONLY: You must have taken at least one ceramics class at FCAC or have equivalent experience.

All non-student makers renting time in the Ceramics Studio must pre-register and pre-pay. Those that are new to our studio are also required to attend a 30-minute orientation with our Ceramics Studio Manager and sign a liability waiver before renting Open Studio time. Contact the Main office at 850-429-1222 to get started!

FCAC members receive a $5 discount per session. All Pottery Guild members must remain active members of FCAC to receive discounts. Please contact us if you are interested in more information on how to become a member of the Pottery Guild.

A maximum of four people can sign up for the same time block to ensure plenty of work space and allow for adequate social distancing.

All students and makers are subject to the regulations posted for each studio and are expected to follow all clean-up and safety procedures. If you are new to any of our studios, please schedule your time at least one to two weeks in advance and contact the appropriate studio manager for an introduction to the equipment and safety training.  For open studio sessions, access to additional equipment and/or materials may be available for an extra fee, depending on your needs and availability.

Studio Rental Rates include use of the IMPACT100 Ceramics Studio, in addition to equipment and studio tools to create clay items — glazing is also included in this pricing. (Clay and Firing Packages are sold separately).

  • Non-Member rates: $30 for a 3-hour session / $45 for a 6-hour session
  • FCAC Member rates: $25 for a 3-hour session / $40 for a 6-hour session
  • 3-hour sessions begin at 9:00am or 12:00pm on Mondays
  • 6-hour sessions begin at 9:00am and end at 3:00pm on Mondays


NON-MEMBERS schedule a 3-hour session below:


MEMBERS CLICK HERE to schedule a 3-hour session


NON-MEMBERS Schedule a 6-hour session below, only offered Mondays at 9:00am:

MEMBERS Schedule a 6-hour session below, only offered Mondays at 9:00am:


We are also a distributor for Standard Ceramic Supply Company and Laguna Clay. We have a wide variety of clays for purchase, in addition to a limited supply of clay tools, brushes, raw materials, and glazes. For more information on what we currently carry in stock, please email Garrett at sales@firstcityart.org, or call her at 850-792-5162 or 850-429-1222.