Classroom Rental

The First City Art Center Classroom Space may be used for classes, workshops, lectures, meetings, artist talks, and events that enrich the community.

Classroom rentals do not include private party functions outside of our mission, such as bridal showers, non-art birthday parties, or private fundraising events. Please note – the classroom is a shared studio space, not an event venue.

FCAC offers Group and Art Party Packages!

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First City Art Center offers creative space for the pursuit of learning and community enrichment.

The Classroom is located in Building #3 and is approximately 1,200 sq. feet, including a handicapped-accessible bathroom.

Classroom Rental Fees

Standard Rental Rate

  • $100 for a minimum of three hours
  • $25 per hour over three hours

Non-Profit Rate

  • $50 for three hours
  • $20 per hour over three hours
  • Call the FCAC office to see if you qualify for this reduced rate.

Security deposit

  • $60

Note: 50% of the security deposit is refundable if renter cleans the entire space after use, including removal of trash and returning all cleaned tables and chairs to storage. Partial refund of the deposit must be requested. Events requiring extensive set-up or clean-up by our staff or volunteers will not receive a refund of the deposit.


Additional Information about Classroom Rentals

  • Deposit is due at the time the space is reserved. Full rental payment is due at least 7 days prior to the rental date.
  • First City Art Center must receive a Certificate of Insurance, to be submitted with rental payment at least 7 days prior to the date of the rental. Certificates must list the First City Arts Alliance, Inc. (DBA, or “Doing Business As”) First City Art Center as an “Additional Insured” with no less than $ 1,000,000. limits of liability coverage. You must indicate on the “Certificate of Insurance” the type of rental and the date of your rental. Please begin this process immediately upon approval of your application, as it can take some time. Insurance can be obtained easily through your own insurance company, or through websites such as: or
  • General liability insurance is required for any and all rentals that are not part of FCAC’s programming.
  • If you’d like to offer a class, workshop, presentation/lecture, etc. through FCAC as an instructor or partner, we can discuss the possibility of waiving the liability insurance and can also help you to promote your program by posting it on our website!
  • If you’re interested in teaching classes/workshops on a recurring basis, please call the office or email about teaching opportunities available at FCAC.

Rental Policies:

– Renter is responsible for ALL event set up and clean up. This includes trash and bathrooms.

– All trash must be thrown away in the dumpster in the parking lot and trash bag replaced. This includes bathroom trash cans, as well as a light cleaning of the bathroom(s) your group used.

– Take away all items you brought in, and leave all FCAC belongings where you found them.

– Please do not leave any leftover food after your rental, and be sure to empty the trash can especially if there are any food scraps – no one wants a smelly classroom filled with ants!

– No supplies, tools, equipment, etc. may be left in the facility following your rental without permission from the Creative Director or the Managing Director. Doing so may result in the loss of your deposit. Any personal property left on FCAC premises for more than 24 hours following your rental becomes property of FCAC and may be disposed of, unless approved by a Director.

– Renter is restricted to using the area they have rented. If you are interested in any additional use of the facility, this must be requested in the application form prior to the day of the rental.

– FCAC Staff is not responsible for setting up the space, moving chairs or tables for your rental.

– If you plan to use FCAC tables and chairs, you MUST specify how many in your application.

– All tables, chairs, and other items moved must be returned to their previous location. If you are renting chairs, all folding chairs must be returned to the chair rack after use.

– Do not use the padded folding chairs if paint or “messy,” mediums will be used that stain.

– Do not use any FCAC art supplies unless you receive prior admin approval.

– If you use paint, please cover the tables and be sure to clean up properly afterward.

– If you use the mop sink to clean up after painting or using clay, you must rinse the sink out and wipe down the sink to rinse out excess paint/clay residue.

– If rented area is found to be inadequately cleaned, the entire security deposit will be forfeited.

– You must provide your own extension cords, projector, screen, speakers, and PA equipment, unless you receive prior approval and specifically request the use of any of these items in your application, based on availability and not guaranteed until approved.

– Parking is available in our lot until the lot is full and space in our lot is never guaranteed.

– No alcohol can be served or given away without prior approval from the director(s).


Table and Chair Usage Fees:

  • You must indicate how many tables and chairs you’ll need on your application to ensure availability. 

          50 Chairs with padding = flat price of $ 20. for any number of up to 50 chairs.

          30 Chairs without padding = flat price of $ 10. for any number of up to 30 chairs.                               

            3 Round Tables that are 60″ Diameter = $ 10. To rent all 3 round tables for the duration of your rental.                       

         10 Rectangular Tables that are 5 feet long x 2.5 feet wide = $ 2 each table.                                                      

          6 Rectangular Tables that are 6 feet long x 2.5 feet wide = $ 2 each table.


Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations received in writing 14 days prior to the event will be refunded the full amount less the $60 deposit.
  • Cancellations received in writing 14-5 days prior to the event will be refunded 50% of the amount paid less the $60 deposit.
  • Cancellations received less than five days prior to the event will not receive any refund.