FCA Creates Works of Art Out of Bowling Pins for BB/BS of NWFL Fundraiser

First City Art Center is in the process of turning four bowling pins into works of art to be presented as Team Spirit Awards during the 2013 Bowl For Kids’ Sake fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of NWFL. The event takes place twice in June on the 8th and the 22nd and will feature the professionally decorated pins. FCA has a long standing relationship with BB/BS of NWFL and is excited to work on this project. The four pins will be decorated by the First City Pottery Guild, Glass Guild and Studio Guild as well as the Jardin Foundry. The first completed pin was made by Lorraine Bracher of the FCA Pottery Guild. Pat Regan of the Studio Guild will be painting one and the Jardin Foundry will be making an aluminum casting of a pin. The mold that Jardin is making will be also used to make a glass casting. These pins will all be true works of art! FCA is grateful to all the artist who are sharing their talents to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida.