Create Your Own Glass- Paperweights


In this introductory hands-on class with will receive guided instruction from an experienced instructor to create your own sculpted glass paperweight. During the class you will also learn about the science of glassblowing, and be able to ask questions throughout the entire process.


Glass Paperweight produced in Make Your Own Glass classes at First City Art Center

Galaxy Paperweight

Push, Pinch, Pull, Twist and Smash! These are just a few of the words to describe this exciting and interactive paperweight class. Students will work with an instructor to create colorful cosmic swirls reminiscent of nebulas, while learning about the science behind blowing glass.

  • Age: 8+ 
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Cost: $55


Starfish Paperweight

In this hand-on workshop you will create a beautiful glass starfish inspired by the ocean. Participants will learn about color application and how to use glassblowing tools to pull the glass shaping the five arms of the starfish.

  • Age: 8+ 
  • Duration: 30 minute
  • Cost: $55


Jellyfish Paperweight

Join us for a deep-sea adventure in which we plunge into the darkest depths of the ocean to study and capture the immortal jellyfish in glass. This class will focus on color theory and the power of optics, using layers of glass to cause a magnifying effect making our jellyfish come to life!

  • Age: 8+ 
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Cost: $75


What to Expect: The class will start will a brief overview of the tools and workplaces that you will use, the instructor will then work one-one-one with you to create a beautiful glass object. After finishing, your item will put into an annealer (cooling oven). If you have several students in your class, you will take turns. This is a great chance to take picture of family & friends blowing glass!

Due to the physical demands and hands-on nature of hot glass sculpting workshops, maintaining six feet of social distance is not possible for our instructors during these classes. Instructors and students will wear masks to during classes. Sanitized safety glasses, tools, will be provided for all students. Temperatures will be done before entering the studio.

Finished Pieces: After your piece cools in the annealer for 24 hours, the glass instructor will inspect it for any sharp points, then ready it for pick-up on Wednesday in the main office.

Length of Class: 25-30 minutes per participant. Please arrive 10 minute prior to your class.

Availability: Classes are offered on Friday 3-5 pm, and Saturday 9 am-1 pm by appointment. Classes can be booked 24+ hours before the appointment time.

What to wear/bring: Participants must wear cotton clothing (no synthetics), closed-toed shoes and bring a hair-tie for securing long hair away from face. Bring water or other another hydrating liquid, the studio is warm and the class requires student participation.

Location: Creative Warehouse, Building #1. If you are new to FCAC, please see the campus map below.

Sign-up: If you are signing up multiple people in consecutive classes, there will not be a 15 minute break between participants as indicated on the available times. Please note- your class is not reserved until you have completed the online sign-up and selected the item you wish to make.



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  • Students must arrive with closed-toed shoes (sneakers or boots - no sandals!), hair ties for pulling long hair back, and cotton clothing (no synthetic clothing - it can melt to skin!)
  • All classes and workshops require pre-registration and pre-payment.
  • Create Your Own Glass pieces will be ready in the office by the Wednesday following your appointment.
  • There are no refunds for no-show appointments. Appointments can be rescheduled without penalty with at least 24 hours notice.