Ceramic workshop with Fong Choo

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Glaze Play with Teapot Forms

April 18 and 19, 2020 at First City Art Center

In this two-day demonstration workshop, ceramic artist Fong Choo will share his secrets for using commercial glazes to achieve amazing surfaces. He’ll also demonstrate different takes on the teapot, based on more than a decade of investigation in the form.

Fong Choo is a Singapore-born American studio potter and teacher. He completed his Masters of Art in Ceramics at the University of Louisville, KY in 1994. He has been an adjunct professor and artist-in-residence at Bellarmine University in Louisville since 1990. His award winning work has been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally.

Visit his website to learn more about the artist: www.fongchoo.com

“What is so exciting about looking at a sleeping tiger?” “Nothing. But if you take a stick and poke at it, you will remember that tiger for the rest of your life!” This is part of a conversation I once had at the Minnesota Zoo.
In many ways, this parallels my attitude towards clay: it requires poking to awaken it. One must push the limits, test waters, search, prod and explore its many boundaries.
For more than ten years my work has been focused on Miniature Teapots. The teapot form continues to challenge and fascinate me. I feel blessed to be able to pursue the life of a potter — especially when it requires poking the sleeping tiger…  -Fong Choo-
-This workshop is from 9 am – 4 pm each day. Light breakfast and lunch will be provided each day but students are encouraged to bring their own food and beverages in the case of special dietary considerations-