Beginning Glass Bead Making

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Beginning Glass Bead Making will return SPRING 2019.


Beginning Glass Bead Making is a two-part introductory workshop that is great for beginners and as a refresher for those with some experience.

Lampwork (torchworking) describes the process of using a single flame (the lamp or torch) to make small glass objects. Our lamp is a propane and oxygen burning torch called a Minor Burner. Rods of glass are melted in the torch flame and wrapped around a steel rod called a mandrel. The rods are prepared with bead release, which allows the annealed and cooled beads to be removed for use in jewelry.

In the Beginning Glass Bead Making Class You Will Learn:

  • Safety information – using the torch correctly and safely.
  • Winding the molten glass onto the mandrel and shaping it.
  • Simple decorating techniques: dots, combing, stringer pulling and application, manipulation of hot glass surfaces.
  • Mandrel preparation, cleaning the beads when finished.

Bring to Beginning Glass Bead Making Class:

  • Adjustable eyeglass lanyard, the kind available for sunglasses. Does not need to be expensive. You will be wearing specially coated safety glasses, a lanyard will help hold them on your face.
  • Be sure to wear your glasses or contacts – this is visually demanding work.
  • Wear sleeves at least to your elbows, long pants and closed-toed shoes, tie back long hair.

Beginning Glass Bead Making Workshop Dates

  • The class meets for two days, from 6 p.m.–8:30 p.m.
  • If registration is not open online for the dates you are interested in, please call (850) 429-1222.