Approaches to Sculpting Clay



Workshop Description: 

This special workshop is taught by Lou Mitchell Courtney a local artist who has works in a variety of mediums from painting and furniture design to architectural ceramics. Lou is part of Elements, an award winning design, fabrication, and installation firm specializing in architectural ceramics such as handmade sinks, murals, fountains, scones and original art tiles. You can find one of her pieces at Woodland Park in Gulf Breeze! For more information about Lou, visit her website. 

In this demo workshop Lou will demonstrate a variety of techniques that she uses to sculpt, specifically the steps in the development of her animal masks, cannonball figures, and flying pigs. The class will include will discussion on different ways, philosophical and technical, to approach clay. Lou will show several hanging options for wall pieces and we will discuss texture, coloring and glazing. The workshop will cover how to evaluate your own work and how to transition from working on one body of work to the next.


Artist Statement:

The tension and release of flesh to bone, the ebb and flow of ocean tides, strength, truth, fear, courage, hope-qualities that interest me. My work in water clay is guided by intuition and is centered around the idea that we are constantly becoming or transforming, moving towards or away from something. In each moment there is the coexistence of opposites with the presence of one actively confirming the other.

The cannonballers are jumping away from fear and darkness, jumping towards joy. The animal head series encourages us to look for the animal spirit within ourselves and to see ourselves in all living things. The flying pigs represent hope and affirmation that anything is possible.

I have worked in many mediums. I have painted miniatures on jewelry and backdrops for theatre and interior landscape murals. I designed and sculpted prototypes for cast furniture and accessories and sculpted and cast my small bronze figures. In 2004 I returned to direct sculpting in clay. I dig and mix my clay and most of my glazes and fire electric to cone 5 (roughly 2250’ F).





Handbuilding Studio- Yellow Classroom


May 5th, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.


  • Please bring a lunch and drinks, lunch is not provided.
  • Bring a notepad for notes and sketches.

Cancellation Policy

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