No glassblowing experience needed!

Call for Availability

Age: 8+

Instructor: Devon Murphy

Cost: $30 - $100
all materials and tools are provided

Make-Your-Own-Glass Experience

Make-Your-Own-Glass classes are a hands-on glass experience.  No previous glassblowing skills are needed.  

Please note:  

-All glass needs to slowly cool in the annealer for 24 hours or longer and the glass instructor may need to sand edges after the piece is cooled.

-MYOGs will be in the office by the Thursday following your appointment. Please call or email to confirm pick-up time. (850) 429-1222 or 

-Packing Glass and Shipment fee is $45. The instructor will build a special box for your piece to ensure the glass does not arrive broken. 

-Students must arrive with close-toes shoes and socks, hair ties for long hair and no synthetic clothing (it can melt!)


All classes and workshops require pre-registration and pre-payment.  A 24-hour notice must be given to First City Art Center for a refund of fees.  

WAIVER: Signed waivers are required for participation. Please sign and bring with you to your class. Students under the age of 18, must also have parent/guardian signature and accompany participant to class.

Download Waiver

MYOG Starfish

Make-Your-Own Glass Starfish


COST: $40
TIME NEEDED: approx. 20-25 min
Age: 8+ 


Make-Your-Own Glass Cup


COST: $50
TIME NEEDED: approx. 30-40 min
Age: 16+

Make Your Own Glass Ornament at First City Art Center!

Make-Your-Own Glass Ornament

This is the perfect and fun way for a person to become introduced to the art of glass blowing. Each student will get to pick out glass colors for their design and get to participate in the process of blowing a piece of molten glass into a lovely ornament.  These ornaments are great for the Holidays or all year round as a sun catcher. Note:  Students will be blowing their ornament.

COST: $30
TIME NEEDED: approx. 15 minutes 

Make Your Own Glass Paperweight at First City Art Center!

Make-Your-Own Glass Paperweight

 Become introduced to molten hot glass through the process of creating your very own glass paperweight.  Each student will pick out glass colors, design, and then create with their own hands and the assistance of our professional glass artists their very own glass paperweight.  Note: No blowing involved, this is a sculpting class.

COST: $50
TIME NEEDED: approx. 25-30 minutes 

floppy bowl

Make-Your-Own Floppy Bowl 

COST: $100
PARTICIPANTS: 2 - This is a more advanced Make-your-Own and requires 2 participants to complete it.  You will have one bowl at the end of the session.