Foundations of Lamp Working

Foundations of Lamp Working

Saturdays 3 pm-6pm

Age: 14+

Instructor: Mary Law

Cost: $150- Includes Supplies

Class Details:

In this class students new to Lampworking will learn about equipment and safety, Flameworking tools, working with and selecting “soft glass” and the basics of Beadmaking.  We will explore  a broad range of Flameworking techniques such as pulling stringer for adding dots and other details, making twisties, incorporating silver and frit as design elements, using presses to shape beads and more. No experience necessary.  Ages 14 and up.

Bring to Class:

Adjustable eyeglass lanyard- the kind you can buy for sunglasses. Does not need to be expensive. You will be wearing specially coated safety glasses, a lanyard will help hold them on your face.

Be sure to wear your glasses or contacts- this is visually demanding work.

Wear sleeves at least to your elbows, long pants and close toed shoes- tie back long hair.

To sign-up for a class please call (850) 429-1222.