Beginning Glass Bead Making

Beginning Glass Bead Making

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Age: 16+

Instructor: Meredith Hartsfield

Cost: $135

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Workshop Details:

This is a two-part introductory bead-making class that is great for beginners and as a refresher for those with some experience.

Lampwork  (torchworking) describes the process of using a single flame (the lamp or torch) to make small glass objects. Our lamp is a propane and oxygen burning torch called a Minor Burner. Rods of glass are melted in the torch flame and wrapped around a steel rod called a mandrel. The rods are prepared with bead release, which allows the annealed and cooled beads to be removed for use in jewelry.

In this class you will learn:

Safety information- using the torch correctly and safely.

Winding the molten glass onto the mandrel and shaping it.

Simple decorating techniques: dots, combing, stringer pulling and application, manipulation of hot glass surfaces.

Mandrel preparation, cleaning the beads when finished.

Bring to Class:

Adjustable eyeglass lanyard- the kind you can buy for sunglasses. Does not need to be expensive. You will be wearing specially coated safety glasses, a lanyard will help hold them on your face.

Be sure to wear your glasses or contacts- this is visually demanding work.

Wear sleeves at least to your elbows, long pants and close toed shoes- tie back long hair.

Workshop Dates: 

*The class will meet for 2 days. If the registration is not open online for the dates you are interested in please call (850) 429-1222.

*The class will meet 6pm-8:30pm on the dates listed below. 

Sept. 26 & 28

Oct. 17 & 19

Nov. 14 & 16