Meditation & Art: Nurturing the Mothers of Creativity

Meditation & Art: Nurturing the Mothers of Creativity

Sept 22nd, Oct 6th & 27th, Nov 10th, and Dec 1st & 15th, 6-9pm

Age: 21+

Instructor: Guided By Felipe Gouvea Munoz

Cost: $44 per class

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Meditation & Art: Nurturing the Mothers of Creativity

Groups of 5 can sign up for a discounted rate of $35 per participant! SIGN-UP

Come join an evening of ode to creation.

Starting with a guided meditation we will connect ourselves with all the energies of creativity, the mothers of all artistic processes. This exercise will help us to relax our bodies and minds, and align ourselves to better receive the energy and intuition that will fruit on canvas.

Right after we will dive in use that energy to express ourselves by painting on canvas, making collages, intuitive sketching, and painting. The key here is to let go of fear and embrace the limitations we think we have as way to create something unique.

The class will be 6 pm- 9pm on Friday night.

The class will be held in Bulding 3- yellow door.

Please pay in advance. 

Materials will be provided:

- Canvas;

- Paper;

- Charchoal;

- Magazines;

- Scissors;

- Brushes;

- Paint;

Everything will be used collectively. Please bring clothes that can get paint on (we may get messy!).

Expect to leave with a sense of release and accomplishment.