After-School Art: ASA 102 & ASA 103

After-School Art: ASA 102 & ASA 103

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Age: 7-11 / 11-14

Instructor: Suzanne Findeisen

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Class Description:

Students Can register anytime during the session! Please call for a prorated registraiton fee.

This class is tailored to students who are interested in creating and learning about fine art.

Mediums explored include: 

drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, art history, clay and more! 

In this class students will explore materials and techniques, and develop creative problem solving working alone and in group projects. 

The class is designed to build upon itself encouraging students to further develop technique and skill.

Individual expression and interests are encouraged with careful attention to each student’s abilities and needs.

Please keep in mind that this class is geared for students who have a strong interest in learning about and making art.

Each class is educational and fun!

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Participants register for class by quarter sessions.

All quarters will follow the school quarter calendar and be 9 weeks long.

The cost of each quarter is $198. There is a $25 supply fee. 

Students can join during any quarter and are not required to attend all. 

Quarter 4  Mar 28 - May 25 

ASA 102 (grade 3-5) Tuesdays 3:00 - 5:00

ASA 103 (grade 6-8)  Thursdays 2:45-4:45