GLASS "HOT SHOP" Open Studio

*Renters must clean the entire work area completely upon completion of a blow slot, including sweeping glass particles off of floor.

*All glass guild members must be members of FCAC, contribute 10 hours of volunteer time per month, and adhere to the Hot Shop policies.

Basic Shop Open Studio: 

Glass Guild Member Rate:

Small Hole= $30.00/hour

Med. Hole=$35.00/hour

Lg. Hole= $45.00/hour

Non-Glass Guild Member Rate:

Small Hole= $40.00/hour

Med. Hole=$45.00/hour

Lg. Hole= $55.00/hour

Fee includes use of the following:
• Gas glory hole
• Gas furnace
• 1 bench
• Hand tools including map gas
• Blocks
• ½ of large annealer OR all of small annealer, knock-off table gloves and arm sleeves

Secondary Shop Tool Use:
• Large Glory Hole: Additional $15.00 per hour on top of basic shop rental
• Propane Torch: Additional $5.00 per hour
• Garage: Additional $10.00 per hour

* Oxy-Propane Hot Torch: $5.00 an hour

Extra Annealer Space:
• Large annealer:  Additional $50.00 or $25.00 if one half is used in conjunction with a rental
• Small Annealer:  Additional $25.00

PREREQUISITES: First time renters at FCAC must complete safety and equipment orientation with Glass Arts Fellow prior to renting the shop. 

*Clear glass provided only. Users must provide their own approved colored glass (frit).