Garage rental space at First City Art Center
Garage Space Rental

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First City Art Center "Garage Space" Event Rental

First City Art Center has devoted a space for the pursuit of learning, comradeship, larger scale events and community enrichment. This covered outdoor space can be used for classes, workshops, performances, parties and exhibitions.  It is located at the Creative Warehouse and is approximately 2000 sq. feet. This rentall also includes the use of the new patio addition of 1000 sq feet. Please note that classes may be scheduled on campus during your event but will not interfere with the space you reserve. 

Rental Details

To schedule the space for a workshop, presentation or party, please submit an event proposal and the attached rental application to FCAC for review. 

The rental fee is:

$250.00 For 3 Hours

$450 For 6+ Hours

$50.00 for every hour over 3


Non-Profit Rate:

$100 For 3 Hours

$25.00 for every hour over 3


Table and Chair Usage Fee: 

*Chair and Table Usage Needs to be Indicated on the application to ensure availability. 

$ 25

50 chairs with padding

3- 60" Round Tables

10- 5'x2.5' Rectangle Tables

6- 6'x2.5 Rectangle Tables


The security deposit and event prep fee:


-$25 of the security deposit is refundable if the space is cleaned after use, all tables and chairs are stored away, and trash is removed. The other portion of the deposit covers campus preparation prior to the event.

-The full rental fee is due 7 days before the event. 

-If the the garage and classroom are both rented there is a 10% discount on the rental fee. 

-Rental includes use of the bathroom in the warehouse.

-Renter is responsible for the event set up. 

Garage Rental Space at First City Art Center

Garage rental space at First City Art Center