Event Rentals

Event Rentals

Location: First City Art Center Classroom

Cost: varies

Garage/Patio Event Rental

The covered outdoor space can be used for classes, workshops, performances, parties and exhibitions.  It is located at the Creative Warehouse and is approximately 2000 sq. feet. This rental also includes the use of the new patio addition of 1000 sq feet.

For More information and prices, CLICK HERE.


Classroom Rental to host a Workshop or Class

This classroom space can be used for classes, art party and workshops. It is located in Building C and is approximately 1200 square feet. 

For more information and prices, CLICK HERE.


Belly Dancing and Life Drawing are a few of the offerings that are open to the public.  Check back often as we are always adding to the list!

 Belly Dancing at FCAC  

Saraab Belly Dance Classes

Eight-week beginner and advanced classes are available on Tuesday nights.  Belly Dance for Fun and Fitness for beginners and Belly Dance for Precision and Performance for intermediate and advanced students.  

For more information and to sign up for a class visit PensacolaBellyDance.com

 Life Drawing at FCAC  

Life Drawing

Founded about 20 years ago, this group meets almost every Monday evening to draw the human figure. Artists of any skill level are welcome.  The cost is just enough to pay the model, usually between $5-$10 a person.

phayes@ihmc.us  if interested, or just show up between 6-9 pm on any Monday.

The group is always looking for new models, contact Pat at the email address above if interested.