First City Art Center is now accepting sign-ups for the full slate of hands-on workshops for the summer beginning June 11. Pottery on the Wheel, Clay Hand Building, Make Your Own Glass, Glassblowing, Glass Bead Making, Kids Pottery and Clay Sculpting workshops. There are also some NEW make your own glass offerings and the new One Day Pottery-On-The-Wheel Workshop. For information or to sign up for workshops call 850-429-1222 or visit our workshops page at

FCA Creates Works of Art Out of Bowling Pins for BB/BS of NWFL Fundraiser

First City Art Center is in the process of turning four bowling pins into works of art to be presented as Team Spirit Awards during the 2013 Bowl For Kids’ Sake fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of NWFL. The event takes place twice in June on the 8th and the 22nd and will feature the professionally decorated pins. FCA has a long standing relationship with BB/BS of NWFL and is excited to work on this project. The four pins will be decorated by the First City Pottery Guild, Glass Guild and Studio Guild as well as the Jardin Foundry. The first completed pin was made by Lorraine Bracher of the FCA Pottery Guild. Pat Regan of the Studio Guild will be painting one and the Jardin Foundry will be making an aluminum casting of a pin. The mold that Jardin is making will be also used to make a glass casting. These pins will all be true works of art! FCA is grateful to all the artist who are sharing their talents to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida.

FCA Hosts BFA Exhibit

FCA hosted the BFA exit exhibition for graduting UWF senior Kaitlin Hodge. Show and reception were held in building C on May 23rd at 6pm. FCA continues to partner with the UWF art department to have BFA showings and openings.  UWF has also provided interns from the Visual Arts Department.

Raku Firing with Ben Twingley and First City Art Center at Upcoming Artmore Event, May 18.

Tim Nolan with First City Art Center of Pensacola has hooked us up with Ben Twingley and his team of potters who will be demonstrating a Raku firing at the ARTmore event. They will educate others on how this unique style of pottery differs from the rest. With a combustible medium of paper or wood chips, the 1600° clay pot is placed in a tight metal container and when the fire sucks away all the oxygen, then the porous clay absorbs the smoke and filling it with carbon. That is what makes Raku different from tradition glazes. Further more, if the artists wants a crackled effect, then the still hot pottery is sprayed with cold water causing the cracks to appear.
Be sure not to miss this and other demonstrations at our upcoming event!

CNN PRODUCER NOTE     JamesAmerson says the First City Art Center in Pensacola, Florida, is a place for learning and teaching others about the arts. The center teaches techniques and classes ranging from glass blowing to pottery making. He photographed Raku firing at the center, which consists of putting pottery into a "hot box." 'When it catches fire, they put the lid on and then the fire consumes all the oxygen, forcing smoke into the pot. That is where the unique finish comes from,' he said.
- Jareen, CNN iReport producer

Aluminum Pouring with Jardin Foundry at First City Art Center of Pensacola, Fl.

We had the most unusual artistic experience the other night by attending an aluminum pouring with Truette Stubbs and Andrew Ander Marlatt with Jardin Foundry at Pensacola's First City Art Center in downtown Pensacola, Florida.
Truette explained to me of this unique and uncommon process he and his team has made available to the public and anyone can create their own piece of metal art. Starting off with a tightly packed sand cast mold and a sharp pointed tool. It begins with a quick chalk sketching and then digging a design into the bottom of a flat, plate like looking mold. While carving into the mold, Truette and Ander were melting bars of aluminum in a kiln to nearly 1400°. They gathered other patron's molds and then began their magic as they adorned their "leathers," a thick layer of protective clothing to prevent injury from any splashing of molten metal. With their face shields in place, they took an old, bet up iron ladle and dipped into the pot of shinny liquid metal. Suddenly the flat black iron dipper flushed red with extreme heat and with great haste and teamwork, they poured the fluid metal into the sand molds. Only after a short period of time, the aluminum solidifies enough that Ander picked it up with a pitchfork and then drops it on the ground to break the mold. Flipping it over to show everyone the image and then tossing it into a bath of cold water. It doesn't take long before he is able to reach down into the murky water with his bare hands, retrieving the newly formed piece of art and presents it to its creator.

A most rare and exciting form of artwork that visitors of ARTmore can experience for themselves. ARTmore is a unique gallery event that is being held for the first time in Atmore, Alabama Saturday May 18th from 4 until 8. A Wind Creek Casino sponsored event.

republished from iReport