First City Art Center is a working art center so there is always something to see when you visit our campus!

When you arrive, there is a pedestrian entrance with street parking on Guillemard Street and a car entrance and parking lot on De Soto Street. If you arrive and the pedestrian entrance is not open, please the De Soto Street entrance.

For information on classes and events visit the Administrate Building #4. MORE INFORMATION

Gallery 1060 (Building #2) features work from local artists in a variety of mediums. MORE INFORMATION.

The Creative Warehouse (Building #1) houses the glassblowing studio, and garage work space area where artists work on welding and construction projects. Typically, artists will be wringing in the glassblowing studio Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings. Visitors are invited to observe artists working! To check the glass studio schedule, please call (850) 429-1222.

The Pottery Department also shares a home in the Creative Warehouse. Make sure to see the Andy Retana ceramic installation that is featured opposite the mural wall of Gallery 1060 Building #2

Hands-On Visitor Program:

FCAC offers a hands-on program for those that are interested in learning more about glassblowing and ceramics. This program designed for those 15+ includes a 20-30 minute glass demo, with discussion of processes conducted by the Glass Arts Fellow, followed by a 45 minute hand-building pottery project. The item made will be glazed by an FCAC artist and ready for pick-up approximately 10 days later.

The cost for this is $15 per person with a minimum group size of 10.

A short talk about FCAC can be given if requested in advance.

To schedule a Hands-On Visit please call (850) 429-1222, or email

Hands-On Youth/Field-trip Visitor Program:

This includes a glassblowing lecture and demonstration (20-30 minutes) with discussion of processes conducted by the Glass Arts Fellow, followed by a 20 minute hand-building pottery project. The projects will be bisques fired and can be painted at school. The items will be ready for pick-up approximately 10 days after the field trip.

 If time allows teachers may take the students to tour the gallery. Teachers 

There is a lovely “art park” across the street on Guillemard St. Students are also encouraged to spend part of their trip in the park to burn off energy and walk the labyrinth.

Schools can plan on having a bag lunch in our warehouse or in the Long Hollow Community Art Park/playground across the street. 

The costs is $5.00 per student.

A minimum of one chaperon for every ten students is required.

Alternate packages are available if financing is an issue.

Must have a minimum of 15 students or $75. 

To schedule a Hands-On Visit please call (850) 429-1222, or email