School Field Trip

First City Art Center provides educational opportunities to both artists and the community while contributing to the development of the arts in Pensacola and the Gulf Coast!

*Schools or students in need of a scholarship, please contact our office at 850-429-1222*

What to expect:
  • A glassblowing lecture and demonstration (20-30 minutes) with discussion of processes conducted by the Glass Arts Fellow. 
  • A pottery project will be offered in the classroom. Here students will make a hand built project that will be fired and ready for pick-up within 10 days after the field trip.
  • If time allows teachers may take the students to tour the gallery.

There is a lovely “art park” across the street on Guillemard St. Students are also encouraged to spend part of their trip in the park to burn off energy and walk the labyrinth.

Schools can plan on having a bag lunch in our warehouse or in the Long Hollow Community Art Park/playground across the street. 

The costs is $5.00 per student.

A minimum of one chaperon for every ten students is required.

Alternate packages are available if financing is an issue.

Must have a minimum of 15 students or $75. 


 Cub Scout Art Belt Loop Field Trip

 Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts are invited to earn their Art Belt Loop at First City Art Center!

Scouts will receive a tour of the campus, gallery and have a glass blowing demonstration!

They will have a lesson from an art educator on six basic elements of design. They will then do a color wheel project using paints.

Cost is $5.00 per scout, or a min of $75.

Groups of any size are welcome! We require one chaperone for every 10 students. 


 Art Academic Pin Program

Scouts who have already earned their Art Belt Loop are illegible for their Art Academic Pin. First City will provide an art educator to help the boys earn this pin. This is much more intense and requires a lot more classroom time.

We encourage dens or packs to book this as a group for the best use of our teacher’s time. Each day/class will last 2 hours. Please book your trip in advance so a teacher can be arranged.

This program can take place after school or on weekends. The den/pack will need to work with the art center to schedule the dates that work best for all.

2 day Program includes:

Day 1-       Paper Making

                   Pottery Project

                   Gallery Tour

Day 2-        Photography (digital, kids will need ipad, phone, cameras)

                   Sculpture –upcycle project

                   Self Portraits using various art techniques.

Cost:  $25 per student for the two-day class.

*Scouts are encouraged to bring their work to a meeting to display. This completes the Pin requirements. 



Call 850-429-1222 for more information!

Download an information packet here >

Field Trip at First City Art Center

Field Trip at First City Art Center

First City Art Center Field Trip

First City Art Center Field Trip